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Please enjoy the Vaibhavam of our dear Acharya Saarva Bhoma Bhagavan Ramanujacharya, through this website www.ramanujartemples.net , a humble presentation from Ramanuja Dasa , Lakshminarasimhan Sridhar. Many great scholars have written about our Yathirajar and I dont know whether a small squirrel like me can accomplish the mammoth task of building the bridge between Sri Ramanuja Darsanam and its very many followers.

I am a Sri Vaishnavan First and I have great respect for Both Sampradaya of Sri Vaishnavism. This is further affirmated by the inclusion of Thiruman of both Sampradhayas in the home page of this site and adiyen humbly requests learned elders and esteemed scholars of SrIvaishNavam to support me in this matter. I have used the Thiruman Kappu of respective temple in individual temples web page to honor the age old customs which we are following. I know these Kalai is basically not a dividing factor among the two Vaishanava Sampradaya , Even thought I am a Vadagalia by birth , I have got all co-operation and details from persons from Then Acharya Sampradaya and they all helped me , they were not indifferent to me . In all religion there are different sect, for e.g. In Christianity there are Catholic and Protestants In Muslims There is Shia and Sunni's, In Buddhist it is Himayana & Nirayana and In Jainism it is Swetabara and Digamabra. Hence so in Sri Vaishnavism also there are two sects. In simple word I want to give an illustration. Assume some 10 people are there and all want to reach a destination at any cost. All are traveling in main road to reach the same destination. Then suddenly a traffic jam comes in Main road, there are two other roads one is inner Ring road and outer Ring road, so some people take inner road and some take outer road and reach the destination ultimately and achieve their goal of reaching the destination. Now coming to point the main road is like our Sri Vaishnavism and The Ultimate destination for us is Sriman Narayana. The two sects are like inner ring road and outer ring road. Because of traffic jam some people tread Inner road and some tread outer road and at last we reach our destination Sriman Narayana. Not withstanding the fact that the Final destination is one and the same although the road to destination and so too the distance. (I am sorry if I have interpreted in wrong way)

How the website was born:

My main inspiration for this project is Sri Ramadoss the Present Executive Officer of the Sriperumpudur Temple which houses Lord Adhi Keshavan and Than Uganda Thirumeni of Udayavar. As you all are aware that I have made the web site for Thooppul the Avathara Sthalam of Swami Desikan and also Sathyagalam in Mel Nadu (Karnataka a place where Swami Desikan stayed for twelve long years when there was turbulence in Srirangam, and it is this place where he composed Abhithisthava. I am fortunate that My Karma Bhoomi is Melnadu (Karnataka) and it is Melnadu which has come to the rescue of our Sri Vaishnavism Sampradaya whenever some problem arose in Dravida Nadu. You are aware that Acharya Sarva Bhoma Bhagavan Ramanuja & Swami Desikan came to Melnadu following the course of river Cauvery and Melnadu played a good host and Srivaishnava Sampradaya is flourishing throughout the world. I had small feeling that I should have made the website for Yathirajar's birth place - Sriperumpudur and also Melkote. But some how ,due to my Loukikam I could not do it., Then On Jan 15th 2006 I approached Sri T.Ramadoss the Executive Officer of Sriperumpudur Temple and he readily agreed to help me in my mission. I am very much thankful to him. Then he only told that this site should be unique one and it should be very interesting site and told I should present the charitram of Ramanuja in different style and also link all the temples which had Udayavar Thirumeni sambhandam, and also include the Temple of Embars Birth place - Mazalaimagalam (Now is known as Madhura Magalam and also Koorath Alwars birth place - Kooram. I was encouraged by my religious mentor Dr.Oppiliappan Koil Varadhachari Sadagopan of USA, Sriman Mukund of Singapore, then my Udanpirava Sister Smt.Sudha Senthil presently residing at Australia. (Infact my going to Sriperumpudur was for dual purpose. Sudha wanted to have a website for Thirumaligai of her Acharya Sri U.Ve Koil Kanthadai Appan Ramanujacharya Swamy residing at Sriperumpudur, Acharay's son Sriman Parthasarathy also gave me lot of Ideas) .I wanted to name the site as www.srieprumpudurtemples.net , as per the suggestion of Sri Ramdoss link all temples associated with Udayavar. Then I thought over the matter went to Thirukoshtiyur and got all the help from Sriman Thirukoshtiyur Madhvan Swamy ( His contact was given to me by Sirman Ramdoss only) I am trying to assemble the details of all places associated with Udayavar and I am starting in small way by presenting details about Sriperumpudur, Thirukoshtiyur, Kooram, Madhuramangalam, Kanchi, Srirangam ,Melnadu Thiruthalangal like Melkote, Thondanur, Salagramam ( Dont get confused with the one in Nepal) , Soon I will visit Madhuranthakam and other places so kindly keep watching your website www.ramanujartemples.net . One interesting thing I want to tell you I had already gone in for registration of the web site named www.srieprumpudurtemples.net , but somehow the work got delayed, Then I went and discussed with my another brother of mine Sri A.Balaji and then I told him why not register it as www.ramanujartemples.net, he seconded the idea. I would like to mention he is my Guru in teaching the flash content, the opening page was designed with his help only. The Logic and Idea was mine and he helped me to design it. I am trying to present the charitram in different style, I don't know how many of you will like it, but if any mistake exists kindly excuse this child of yours. I have taken reference from books of different author and i have taken the basic idea from Book "Sri Ramanuja - His life and teachings, Published in 1967 by Late U.Ve O.Sudharshanam Iyengar (whom I used to call affectionately as Tha-Tha) the founder Of Navbharath Press of Bangalore. Way back in early 80's I was in touch with him in connection with printing the Picture of my Ellu Tha-Tha (Great Grandfather) H H KaTandethi Andavan of Srirangam Andavan Ashram and also The Sloka named Komala Dhantakam Composed by him on Goddess Komalavalli Thayar of Thirkudanthai (Kumbakonam) which helped him to regained his eyes sight which he lost due to old Age. Then Sudharshanam Tha-Tha presented me with this book and also autographed it. I still preserve this treasure which was give to me by him. I think this great man knew one day I will definitely use this book for propagating Sri Vaishnavism through modern means. Then I contacted his Son S.Sridhar Anna whom is my well wisher and informed him that i am using Tha-Tha book for website and he readily agree. Now 1000 year of Udayavar Birth Anniversary is only few years away and I sure by that time this site of yours would have grown big.

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Website designed and hosted by Lakshminarasimhan Sridhar, I have no personal interest ,out of Social Service attitude I have built the this websites. Small appeal Please do not generate any controversies . If you want to give any feedback kindly contact on my personal email id shrihi@gmail.com .